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New Book Release - April 2013

Our Children's Keepers

A Guide for Pre-College Mentoring Programs

Our Children’s Keepers is a step-by-step guide for churches that want to help youth go to college. Combing successful college preparation strategies with scriptural foundations, the guide covers the full spectrum of the college admission process.

It is the perfect tool for developing Church-School-Community Partnerships.

Not Only for Churches

Even though the primary focus Our Children’s Keepers is church-sponsored mentoring programs, this unique, easy to use guide is useful to families and secular organizations that mentor youth as well.

What a Christian leader says about Our Children's Keepers:

"I highly recommend this book to churches, Christian educators, clergy and parents as well. It should further be a part of the library of all those who work directly or indirectly with children at all levels of the secular educational setting. It is the religious leader’s guide to preparing a young person to live successfully and abundantly in this world. It further sets a benchmark that establishes perfect concord between the sacred and the secular."

--Reverend Byron Williams
Moderator, Central Hudson Baptist Association, State of New York