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About Eddie Bell Eddie Bell

“I truly felt your poems this morning on Doug’s [Grunther] show - - they were so deep - - thank you.”

DJ WavyDavy, writer Chronogram Magazine, Kingston., NY

“I really enjoyed your readings!! It was a most interesting evening. You are really talented, not that I didn’t know that before but to see that talent so ably demonstrated is inspiring.”

Kay Collins, retired reading teacher, Queens, NYC

“Just finished listening to your CD and found it very moving and beautifully done…”

Peter Tomlinson, jazz pianist, Woodstock, NY.

“A note of thanks for your performance last night. The audience was clearly pleased as I was…”

Paul Austin, Director, Liberty Free Theatre, Liberty, NY

“I just wanted to tell you again how moving I felt your poems were. You wrote from so many different perspectives and each one seemed to be so ‘to the point’…”

Barbara Surowitz, Retired teacher, Kingston, NY

“…Reflections on racism in the US may not be the kind of subject that packs theaters these days…Mr. Bell is a unique and local voice on a problem that still haunts us no matter how much we wish to exorcise it.”

Stephen Vanbenschoten, Board member, WJFF Radio, NY

“Eddie Bell read from his courageous free verse collection…Bell takes the emotionally charged topic of lynching and presents it in a mindful manner…”

Mary Sitto, Reporter, Springfield Arts, Detroit , MI

“Mr. Bell was terrific. We are looking forward to find ways to get him back to campus again…”

Joseph Tweed, Director of College Counseling, Trinity-Pawling School, NY

"Eddie Bell is one of America's most insightful and engaging writers and poets. His public readings in Detroit have attracted the attentions of many diverse audiences from city to suburb, and we are always very happy to have the opportunity to see and hear him live.  His readings are as dynamic and powerful on stage as his words are on the page.  Eddie Bell is a national literary treasure who is able to entertain, educate and make a literary event a genuine ‘happening’."

Professor M.L. Liebler, Wayne State University – Detroit

“Eddie Bell captures the hearts and minds of his audience with poignant discussions on some of our nation's darkest periods in history.  His lyrical portraits of racial struggles, compromised environments, and cultural dichotomies enrich our understanding of human existence and the need for healing, acceptance, and personal responsibility.   His readings come alive with the voices of his characters and their stories -- leaving you with the need to hear more.”

Lisa Rainwater, PhD, Executive Director, The Catskill Center

“Eddie Bell is a world class poet and a fine presenter of his work. Both his writing and his presence argue for diversity, humanity, and the articulation of everyday awareness. He is a poet of awareness.”

Barry Wallenstein, Professor of English/Director Poetry Outreach Center City College of New York