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Eddie Bell has been a devoted mentor to students and professionals throughout his higher education career. The following are some examples of the people whose lives he has touched:

College Club on Southern College Tour
College Club on Southern College Tour
College Club on Southern College Tour
College Club at Lincoln Memorial
College Club on Southern College Tour
College Club Tour - Deacon Bell with former student at Howard University, Washington, DC
College Club on Southern College Tour
College Club Students relaxing after a day of touring.
Beryl Serville-Jeffers
Beryl Serville-Jeffers, Senior Administrator, State University of NY. My protégé.
College Club on Southern College Tour
Dr. Tomas Morales, President Cal State San Bernardino, 2012 Commencement Speaker SUNY New Paltz (2nd from left).

Eddie's most recent mentoring endeavor is the completion of a pre-college mentoring guide, “Our Children’s Keepers: A Guide to Christian Pre-College Mentoring Programs.” This unique and easily understood guide is focused on the systematic process of preparing urban students for college. The guide is apropos for churches working with disadvantaged youth lacking traditional counseling and support as well as for families and community organizations. The Guide is not yet under publishing contract.


“Your Work is outstanding. It is very clear and concise and offers a navigation process for college/university education that I have not read before with such precision. I trust this tool [will] be placed in the hands of Christian and secular educators alike.”
Reverend Byron Williams, Moderator, Central Hudson Baptist Association, State of New York

Riverview Missionary Baptist College Club

Directed by Deacon Edward Bell

Student Testimonials

“Before I entered State University of New York at New Paltz College Club taught me to always be on time to classes, do exceedingly well on homework assignments and exams, the need to read and think critically, and most important, to become responsible.” - Dominic Olivo

“…The College Club was quite committed to its goal and its efficacy with regards to providing its members with the resources necessary for helping them to both become more informed individuals and to achieve their higher education goals…” - Elan Abreu