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About Eddie Bell

Christian Youth Services

Services Include:

  • Youth Educational Program planning and development
  • Training and development for volunteer staff
  • Partnership building and resource development techniques for church-based youth educational programs


for Black Youth

The black church is in a unique position to motivate, teach and prepare youth for academic success and college admission. This is true for two reasons: (1) Youth are in the Church and (2) the Church is very influential in their lives. Active and involved black Christian children have a foundation for success in the church. This foundation is their spiritual relationship with God. They understand that through God all things are possible. The church has a responsibility to till this fertile ground and provide the services that youth need to overcome the obstacles to achieving superior academic performance.

There is great opportunity today for black youth at the nation’s most selective colleges and universities. Money is no longer the chief obstacle to being admitted and attending these fine institutions. The biggest obstacle is under-preparedness and poor test scores.

The following is the outline for a series of workshops designed specifically for Church Youth Directors. The information garnered from these workshops will empower youth directors to design comprehensive programs that will help to insure that their young people are ready for admission to the colleges of their choice.

Minority Youth Development Program for the Christian Church: Advantaging Black Youth for Academic Success and College Admission

Training Seminar Outline


  • The Spiritual Foundation


  • Looking to the Past
  • Present-Day Challenges

Getting Started

  • Forming the Task Force
  • Defining the Population
  • Performing Needs Assessment
  • Establishing Goals and Objectives
  • Formulating the Time-Line and Calendar

Building Partnerships

  • Parent/Grandparent Support Task Force
  • School System
  • College and University
  • Corporate

Designing Targeted Workshops

  • Fundamental Techniques for Gaining Success
  • Essay writing and editing
  • Public Presentation
  • Business Letter Writing
  • Understanding the Admissions Process
  • Defining Colleges and Universities by Type
  • The Financial Aid and Scholarship Search
  • Interviewing and Personal Presentation
  • College Choice and Decision-making

Field Experience

  • Student-toStudent Mentoring
  • Campus Visitation Program
  • The Cultural Experience

Test Preparation

The Summer Experience

The Reading Club

Data Collection and Student Records

Program Evaluation

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